22, February, 2019

For its 37th year, the city of Peoria, IL hosted the Greater Peoria Farm Show from Tuesday, November 27th to Thursday, November 29th. Spraytec Fertilizers and the company’s sales representatives had a booth in the event that features all the latest information in regards to agriculture. The show is the largest outdoor farm show in the state of Illinois, with over 150,000 square feet of agricultura exhibits and over 150 companies representing more than 1,000 product lines.

The Spraytec team for the event was formed by sales representatives John Zanotti, Renato Firmento, and Rhonda Fager and the business development manager Emerson Reis. During the three days of the event, the team was able to give attendees information about yield results for the 2018 season, perform pH and anti-foam testing, provide information about product research; in addition, our team was able to connect with growers and retailers to talk about the upcoming plans the company has for the following crop season and how it is possible to help them to increase yield and protect their crops even more. We look forward to returning to Peoria next year for another edition of this great show!

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