04, March, 2019

The yearly educational meeting hosted by Spraytec was hosted in Fort Dodge, IA in 2018 – the event had a great turnout of over 100 people.

Founder and CEO Diego Parodi opened up the day with his remarks, followed by the presentation of Dr. X.B. Yang from Iowa State University; Yang is a professor and researcher at ISU and his areas of expertise include epidemiology, disease management and biological control. He presented research related to seed treatment for previous years and also prediction for the following years with the disease pressure that is expected to occur. Spraytec products can definitely be a great tool fighting those diseases once they are applied on the seed.

Following Yang’s presentation, we had to pleasure to listen to the presentation of Dr. Alison Robertson – Robertson is a professor and is also part of the extension program at Iowa State University. During her presentation, the main topic was soybeans and corn management of new diseases; she talked a lot of bacterial diseases and about how serious they can be for growers. Using Spraytec products would definitely be a way to prevent those diseases, as they will help with application technology, nutrition, and plant health and induce the crops resistance against diseases.

Spraytec. Use it once… Trust it always!