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FULLTEC is a special systemic formulation that reduces losses in agricultural application and nourishes the plant increasing its productivity. Its technologies include low dose application rates, high solubility, pH optimization, prevents inactivation of agrichemicals, and drift control. It presents constant emulsion without breaking time, increasing the contact surface between the drop and leaf. This product contains nitrogen and phosphorous which promotes fast absorption and translocation. Natural plant defenses are stimulated and strengthen the cell wall without causing phytotoxicity. The composition of FULLTEC eliminates the use of adjuvants. It is compatible with most non-alkaline products and must be added to the spray mix solution first.

Recommendation of use

Rates to be used according to the modality of application:

Products Rates
As Adjuvant 2.0 fl. oz. /acre
With Diphenylether Herbicides 2.7 fl. oz. /acre
As Fertilizer 4.0 fl. oz. /acre

Physical Nature

Total Nitrogen (N)........................7.00%

7.00% Urea Nitrogen

Available Phosphate (P2O5).....................17.00%

Derived From: Urea and Phosphoric Acid