Fulltec Cube IR


Fulltec Cube IR has excellent phytosanitary properties, inducing the production of secondary metabolites such as tannins, lignins and phytoalexins. This special formulation acts as a nutrient, protector and inducer to enhances resistance to pathogens. In addition to improving the quality of the spray and application, it presents high solubility, compatibility with pesticides, practicality (liquid formulation), pH range favorable to fungicides, benefits with or without fungicides and insecticides in reduced rates. Main benefits:  Induction of self-defense (elicitor of secondary metabolites / fungistatic)  Repellent or fungi-toxic effect on spores (suppressive)  Reduction of deficiencies from herbicide  Destruction of cell wall of fungus (chitin, glucan and ergosterol)  Better quality of application  In addition to the nutrients, the product contains amino acids and carboxylic acids, which have relevant functions on plant health, which are related to the formation of physical and chemical barriers to the invasion of pathogens. The use of this formulation in plant production favors the reduction of fungal infection and increases the plant's future resistance. Fulltec Cube IR should therefore be used for preventative purposes.

Recommendation of use

Rates to be used according to the modality of application:

Products Rates
Corn 4.0 fl. oz/acre at V5-VT
Soybean 4.0 fl. oz/acre at V5-R2

Physical Nature

Physical Nature: Fluid
Density: 1.55 g / cm³