Fulltec K


Fulltec K is a nutritional complex containing containing potassium, phosphate, and phosphorus with full solubility with full solubility and mobility. Its formulation has phosphites K which are rapidly absorbed and translocated in the plant, providing greater sanity (induces phytoalexins formation) and grain filling. Potassium is responsible for the uptake of photoassimilates that are produced in the leaves to the fruit, resulting in higher grain filling (greater productivity). In addition to the phosphite K and P, it has in its composition elements that improves the application of pesticides.

Recommendation of use

Rates to be used according to the modality of application:

Products Rates
Foliar 4.0 fl/ oz/acre at R3 - R5 (soybean) or V5-VT/R2-R3 (corn)

Physical Nature

Soluble Potassium (K2O) - 10.00%

Chlorine (Cl), Maximum - 7.00%

Derived From: Phosphoric Acid and Potassium Chloride