Fulltec Nitro


Fulltec Nitro is a state-of-the-art systemic nutritional and phytosanitary complex. It is developed with high quality raw materials, to complement the nutritional and sanitary needs of the plants, while also providing excellent quality of spray and the application in the field. Plants treated with Fulltec Nitro present a more developed root system, with a greater number of secondary roots and absorbents. Fulltec Nitro treated plants feed better than those not treated. It is 100% water soluble, containing N, P, Co, Mo, Cu, amino acids, humectants and anti-evaporants. Nitrogen is an essential constituent of amino acids, proteins, nitrogenous bases, nucleic acids, hormones and chlorophyll, among other molecules. Nitrogen is fundamentally responsible for vegetative growth. However, since grain formation depends on proteins, the production of the plant is directly related to the nitrogen supply. Due to the high dynamism and mobility of N in the soil-plant-atmosphere, this nutrient is the one most susceptible to losses. Nitrogen losses easily reach rates of over 80% due to the limitations of base and cover fertilizations. In addition to these nutrients, Fulltec Nitro contains amino acids, which are related to the formation of physical and chemical barriers to the invasion of pathogens.

Recommendation of use

Rates to be used according to the modality of application:

Products Rates
Soybean 14-21 fl. oz / acre. Time of application: V3-V7
Corn 14-21 fl. oz / acre. Time of application: V3-VT

Physical Nature

Physical Nature: Fluid
Density: 1.42 g / cm³
Mixed Mineral Fertilizer