Fulltec Ultrazinc


Fulltec Ultrazinc is a complete last generation nutritional and phytosanitary complex containing P, N, K, Cu, B, Mn, Mo, Zn, surfactants, emulsifiers, EDTA, carboxylic acids and amino acids. Chelated and complexed, it contains all the macros and essential micronutrients along with other elements related to plant nutrition and sanity. This allows the crop to express its true productive potential. Fulltec Ultrazinc is a balanced formulation that, in low doses, offers nutrients of high solubility, high absorption and high translocation. It also presents excellent physicochemical compatibility with pesticides. This product was developed to overcome the induced deficiencies from the application of herbicide in RR crops or nutrient deficiencies in the soil. Fulltec Ultrazinc does not require any adjuvants, since the adjuvant is built in with new features that include fungistatic properties, naturally increasing pest control.

Recommendation of use

Rates to be used according to the modality of application:

Products Rates
Season: Vn 4 oz / acre + Fulltec 1 oz / acre.

Physical Nature

Physical Nature: Fluid
Mixed Mineral Fertilizer