Fulltec Zinc


FULTEC ZINC is a nutritional complex containing chelated nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, manganese, zinc, phosphites, and amino acids essential for crop development . Mn plays an important role in the plants metabolism, acting as activator of enzymes, chlorophyll synthesis, and photosynthesis. Zn controls the production of important growth regulators that affect the growth and development of plants. It is a product developed to suppress the deficient levels of Mn and Zn caused by the application of glyphosate or availability problems of these nutrients in alkaline soils. The phosphites of Mn and Zn increase plant tolerance to diseases and stress. Since they act as a growth activators and inductors of self-defense mechanisms against phytopathogenic fungi, they stimulate the production of secondary metabolites like phytoalexins, tannin, and lignin.

Recommendation of use

Rates to be used according to the modality of application:

Products Rates
Foliar 4.0 fl. oz/acre at V3-VT

Physical Nature

Soluble Potassium (K2O) - 10.00%

Chlorine (Cl), Maximum - 7.00%