31, Жовтень, 2017

Bob Streit

Bob Streit, founder, and president of Central Iowa Agronomics is an agronomist, plant scientist, crop consultant, international speaker and expert in agronomics matters.

“ I was extremely interested in seeing the results of the Spraytec products. The plants were visibly greener and healthier than where the conventional hard chemistry had been applied. My beliefs founded on good science, analytical results and decades of field observations on four continents are that most and perhaps all disease occurrence is due to mineral deficiencies which have become very large and common. Relying totally on the use of fungicides rather than good nutrition is short-term and foolhardy. I think the use of mineral phosphites represents another tool for farmers to learn about and utilize in their efforts to boost yields.” – Bob Streit

Bob has over 40 years of experience in crop consulting, farm management, research, technology and product development. Since 2003 he has traveled throughout much of South America, working with the top scientists and growers on their specific problems in crop production. Bob’s greatest gift is his ability to connect with people all over the world to bring new product solutions to market.

Source: (http://www.centraliowaag.com/)