WPS - Worker Protection

Heat Stress Pesticide Poisoning – Worker Protection Safety

The Symptoms of Pesticide Poisoning are quite similar to the symptoms of heat stress. True or False? Answer: True Exposure to pesticides and heat stress share... Read more »

Eyewash Solution Spraying Safety – Worker Protection

Eyewash Solution is specifically required for flushing out eyes contaminated with pesticides in the field. True or False? Answer: False While the use of eyewash... Read more »

Eye Protection – Mixing and loading pesticides

When mixing and loading pesticides into a sprayer, the minimum requirement is Eye Protection. True or False? Answer: False Even though goggles or glasses... Read more »

Spray Applications

Strainers: The Culprits in Pump Failure

When our sprayer pressure does not come up, or takes a while to reach the setting, we blame the pump, when in many cases the problem is in the line leading... Read more »

Spray Safety

Garlic Spray Adjuvants and Surfactants

Yes, as far-fetched as it sounds, a California company, Cal Crop, U.S.A. introduced a line of Spray Adjuvants containing garlic extract, as an insect repellent. Cal... Read more »

Sprayers Technology

Will Cloud Seeding – Stop Hail – Start Rain or Prevent Lightning?

What is the future for weather modification? Can scientists cause it to rain more or less on one area than would normally occur? Can devastating crop ruining, hailstorms... Read more »